Technology for Sports Betting, Time Tracking & Access Control

Casinos executives are constantly promoting great deals to attract the right audience.  Whether its hotel deals, entertainment or prizes, these types of promotions are enticing to gamblers and non-gamblers.  Amano wants to help you continue these efforts to increase attendance at your casinos and resorts.  We'll handle your time and attendance needs, while you focus your attention on generating revenue.

Time Validation for Sports Betting

Amano's TS-3000i delivers accurate time & date stamped on sport book terminal winning tickets for NGC Reg. 6:090 (9) regulation.  The TS-3000i automatically syncs directly to the National Institute Standards & Technology (NIST) or internal/external NTP time source.  This stand-alone, zero configuration time clock runs on its own employing easy-to-use time synchronization schedules with a backup system that sends e-mail notification and SNMP trap alerts.  No server software, special cabling or device required.

Improve Workforce Management with Time & Attendance Solutions

Time Guardian Series enables you to manage the In's and Out's of your business.  Amano's suite of applications range from low to high end enterprise solutions.  Time Guardian Series provides the flexibility you need to punch "in and out" with various terminals.  We offer badge swipe, fingerprint, hand geometry and web access.  All systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with the most popular payroll applications.

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