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Amano Time Stamp Delivers OATS Compliant Technology

Amano's Web Based TS-3000i assures financial institutions' compliance with FINRA OATS Rule 7430.  The TS-3000i automatically syncs directly to the National Institute Standards & Technology (NIST) or internal/external NTP time source.  The stand-alone, zero configuration time clock runs on its own employing easy-to-use time synchronization schedules with a backup system that sends e-mail notification and SNMP trap alerts.  This feature enables network administrators to centrally manage time clock performance, locate problems and solve them in a timely manner.

The TS-3000i generate reports on time sync events for use during an audit, supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and maintains time less than 4/10 of a second over a 24-hour period once synchronized.  The time stamp requires no server/desktop software, minimal IT staff involvement and setup is quick and simple to install.  Therefore, making this the optimal choice for brokerage firms.

Time Solutions driven by your needs

Managing your payroll can be hassle if you are not equipped with the right time and attendance solution.  Amano's time and attendance systems deliver easy-to-use employee time tracking solutions to effectively manage your payroll.  Amano's suite of applications range from low to high end enterprise software, coupled with a broad range of hardware devices, from badge swipe to biometrics.  Our software seamlessly integrates with the most popular payroll applications such as ADP, QuickBooks, Ceridian, Peachtree, Paychex and more. 

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