Restaurants Provides Stamp of Approval

As with all restaurant chains, time is an important factor in enhancing customer satisfaction.  Therefore, you need a 2-clock system that enable restaurants the ability to record, track and manage food preparation time.  Amano provides a highly, durable time stamp that's capable of handling hundred of stamps per day, 7 days a week.

HandPunch and Fingerprint Biometric Terminals are the optimal choice for the QSR industry

Preventing employees from clockin and out has become more prevalent in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.  Employees are seeking a biometric system that will seamlessly integrate with a time and attendance software solution.  The HandPunch and Fingerprint terminal combined with Amano's Time Guardian employee tracking system eliminates "buddy punching".  Not only do these economical time clock systems minimize payroll management, but it also eliminates the cost of cards, badges and manual calculation errors.   

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