Serving Federal, State and Local Government

Today's technology continues to emerge in the marketplace. Security products have evolved from overhead doors to biometrics, advanced network and physical access control.  Time technology has enhanced from issuing handwritten documents (for public filing) to electronic time/date stamp machines that syncs directly to the National Institute Standards & Technology (NIST) for time verification.

Amano delivers such powerful tools for security, time verification and workforce management.  We offer stand-alone or integrated solutions, ranging from biometrics, access control, time stamp validation and time & attendance.

Time Validation for Municipalities

Amano's PIX-200 provides electronic time & date stamped on time sensitive documents for municipalities.  The PIX-200 delivers accurate, time synchronization with atomic time functionality.  This password protected clock prevents tampering with settings and reduce time card fraud.

The TS-3000i electronic time recorder conveniently allows you to time stamp validated documents.  Our web based time and date stamp syncs directly to the National Institute Standards & Technology (NIST) or internal/external NTP time source.  The clock provides highly accurate time that is +/- 3 seconds per week.  The time stamp requires no server/desktop software, minimal IT staff involvement and setup is quick and simple to install.  Full reporting and e-mail available.

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