Time and Security for Healthcare Facilities

Security officials and healthcare administrators are focused on providing the best quality service.  Amano provides a comprehensive solution that allows you to control your environment and maintain workforce management.

Amano offers stand-alone or integrated solutions, including digital video management, access control, biometrics, time and attendance, parking and floor care systems through one resourse.  Our sophisticated and cost effective systems are designed to identify suspicious behavior, staff attacks, theft, nuisance behavior, as well as manage your time and attendance.

Time Validation for Trauma Centers

Valid documentation of time is essential in critical care for treatments, research, medicolegal and quality improvement activities.  Whether it's patient records, hospital arrival, chest pain center accreditation ("door to balloon time") or cardiopulmonary treatment reporting, synchronized validated time minimizes medical treatment errors and ensures real time accuracy.

Amano's TS-3000i web based time recorder helps protect trauma centers with strict compliance regulations.  This zero configuration, time stamp automatically syncs directly to the NIST.  The TS-3000i provides highly accurate time that is +/- 3 seconds per week.

Employee Time Tracking

Amano's suite of applications delivers low to high end enterprise solutions for healthcare administrators.  Our hardware ranges from badge swipe to biometrics.  The software seamlessly integrates with most popular payroll applications. 

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