Our History

In 1896, Cincinnati Time Recorder was established with seed money provided by James Gamble, one of the founders of Proctor and Gamble. The company was established with the purpose of producing time clocks to meet the demand for the growing manufacturing segment in the United States. 

Throughout the years, Cincinnati Time Recorder expanded its product lines and produced such products as Cleartone Radios during the golden age of movies to producing fuses and timers for armament during World War II.  However, Cincinnati Time Recorder has never left is roots of designing and manufacturing world class time recording equipment.

  •  In 1932, Shuichi Amano founded Amano with the goal of manufacturing the first domestic time recorder for the Japanese market.
  •  In 1964, Amano establishes its first US office in New York City.
  •  In 1966, Cincinnati Time develops a revolutionary time stamp mechanism which is the start of the parking control industry. A year later, Amano introduces the first ticket dispenser in Japan replacing the time stamp as the primary method of documenting entry and exit times. Therefore, making it easier for parking establishments to control and maximize revenue.
  •  In 1970, William H. Wilson establishes Pioneer Eclipse developing the first propane-powered floor buffer in an effort to reduce labor costs for customers in the floor care industry.
  •  In 1973, the parking fee computer is released by Amano allowing parking companies to increase the speed and accuracy of computing parking rates based on different times of the day and days of the week.  In the following year, Amano introduces the fully automated paystation allowing parking fees to be calculated without the aid of a cashier.
  •  In 1990, Amano introduces the micro computer based time recorder named Interecorder.  Three years later, the Microder was introduced to the market.  This Microder is forerunner of the popular MJR series of calculating time recorders.
  •  In 1982, Terry McGann establishes McGann and Associates to design and develop custom application software for parking.
  •  In 1990, Amano acquires Pioneer Eclipse Corp.
  •  In 1991, Amano acquires Cincinnati Time Recorder.
  •  In 1991, Accu-Time Systems is founded and becomes a trusted global leader in workforce management, offering state-of-the-art solutions for time and attendance, payroll, and security access.
  •  In 2007, Amano acquires McGann and Associates.
  •  In 2010, Amano acquires Accu-Time Systems.