Made in USA

Amano Manufacturing

Amano Cincinnati, Inc. is dedicated in providing quality time management solutions.  Our time products are manufactured in a state of the art, eco-friendly environment located in Loveland, Ohio.  This modern plant was built in 1995 and then renovated in 2005 with 40% additional space to accommodate the expansion of the business. The facility contains 90,000 square feet of production space and 8,000 square feet of office space.  There are approximately 100 employees working in the plant.  Sheet metal fabrication, machining, plastic injection molding, printed circuit boards and final assembly are all done in-house ensuring the hi-quality, efficiencies and faster lead time for our customers. 





The Ohio Plant is recognized for being an ISO-9001:2000 registered facility. In addition to being ISO-9001 certified, the Ohio Plant was awarded the prestigious Governor’s award – “Ohio Award for Excellence” based on the Malcolm Baldridge criteria.  “Recognition for organizations that have demonstrated a serious commitment to excellence and a process for continuous improvement.  These organizations have documented a solid system-level approach to achieving excellence.”



We believe the key to our success has been Amano's business practices and philosophies:


 - Always Focus on the Customer
 - Continuous Improvement
 - Instill Pride and Teamwork

The team at the Ohio Plant focuses on providing great value to our customers by producing high quality products in an efficient manner with a very short lead time.