PIX-75 Refurbished

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PIX-75 Atomic Time Recorder / Time and Date Stamp (Refurbished)

AMANO PIX-75® is made in the USA. The PIX-75 Electronic Time Clock is a great solution for small businesses looking for both accuracy and reliability in a time clock solution. It replaces the AMANO PIX-55 with several improvements and enhancements.

The AMANO PIX-75 Electronic Time Clock has a true "set it and forget it" setup. It even has a battery back-up feature. This makes it a stable solution that will give it accuracy and a lifetime of reliability. It can also be incorporated with employee time clock software, which helps integrate it into your overall human resources management program.

  • Ability to synchronize to the atomic clock
  • Automatically changes year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time
  • Prints time in regular or military time; AM or PM, 0-23 hours, minutes, tenths or hundredths
  • 13 pre-set messages (received, fax, sent, file, used, etc.)
  • Illuminated print window for easy card alignment
  • Automatic or manual print
  • Quartz accuracy
  • Ribbon capacity indicator
  • Cartridge ribbon for easy change
  • Prints multiple languages and pre-configured messages
  • Atomic Clock Indicator
  • Configurable print direction for left or right hand printing
  • Clear printing on paper or time cards
  • Retains Internal Memory Table
  • One Year Factory Warranty